I have been investing in properties for many years. Every investment property I have purchased has either achieved better capital growth or higher yield than the previous property. 

When I met Graeme he promised me a better property than all my others and he delivered.  I was very sceptical at first and checked him out thoroughly.  I was very firm with my expectations as I have done several investments with others which had made me fairly cautious. 

I was so glad I proceeded with Graeme as he did everything he promised and more.  From the initial meeting, right through until completion (and even after) Graeme continued to deliver. 

I have no hesitation in recommending his services.  It’s hard to find honest service these days, but Graeme ticked all the boxes.

– Peter Howlett (North Brisbane, QLD)

Recommendation of Mr. Graeme Shiels – Property Queensland

My name is Nigel Booker and I have had the pleasure of working with Graeme Shiels and Property Queensland for nearly three years. As the Global Director of Asset Management and Reliability for Commissioning Agents International, I am constantly travelling around the world.  My office is based in Singapore, but my family live in the Gold Coast Hinterland. Because of this I need an investment strategy that is hands-off and completely trustworthy.

Graeme is a gentleman with unscrupulous integrity, whom I put my unequivocal trust in. Graeme has always treated me and my family with kindness, honesty and utmost respect that is all too missing in today’s competitive real estate market.

Graeme’s skill is in his personable nature that comforts nerves and honestly answers the questions that keep you up at night. Graeme is true to his word and to me, seems far more interested in developing a sustainable long-term relationship than he is on making a quick buck. It is for the characteristics listed above that I cannot recommend his services highly enough.

My wife and I have now bought two dual income investments properties – both of which return a high cashflow from a total of four sets of tenants. We draw comfort from two main aspects; the first is the strong capital growth of the properties due to the areas invested in, and the second is that the rental income we receive more than covers the mortgage, so much so that if we incurred a vacancy on one half, the other would still cover the mortgage. This, coupled with the increased tax deductions leading to positive gearing, allows us to have a very healthy buffer that we can reinvest across our varied portfolio.

– Nigel Booker (Gold Coast, QLD)

The dual occupancy properties in QLD have been a great asset to our portfolio.

In 2016 we were looking to increase our property portfolio, at that time Melbourne and Sydney were nearing the top of their growth curve and were not suitable for our needs. 

We were looking for cash flow positive property investment that would assist us financially to offset our negative geared properties. 

We were informed the south eastern area of Brisbane was receiving significant capital improvements and property capital growth was expected to follow. 

We discovered that several of the local QLD Councils allowed dual occupancy properties without the need for subdivision or the occupants being related, as with granny flats. 

The dual occupancy properties suited our needs with 2 incomes from the one property, reasonable purchase price, expected capital growth and tax concessions. 

Through Graeme Shiels we purchased 4 dual occupancy properties, which effectively gave us 8 rentable properties in boutique estates in Logan. 

Much to our pleasure the properties have performed as expected, they have been tenanted continually since being completed, are cash flow positive and have provided us with healthy tax concessions. 

– The MacMurray’s (Melbourne, VIC)

My wife and I invested in a dual living property through Graeme Shiels.

We invested in a dual living property in Ipswich, mainly because of a good capital growth strategy. We have both agreed upon a five-year cycle and to review it at this time.

The costs of buying the land and building were half that of Sydney area and the rental security was assured in this high growth area.

Many thanks to Graeme Shiels, CEO of Property Queensland, for his help in coordinating the purchase of our investment and referring professionals to us in the area.

– Kim and Janis Jackson (Springwood, NSW)

I have bought 3 dual income properties from Graeme Shiels of Property Queensland, over the past 2 years.

Graeme has always been honest, direct and able to offer great investment properties in the Brisbane suburbs to me.

I am very happy to give him an excellent reference in this regard.

– Roger Sharpe (Coffs Harbour, NSW)

We are ‘mum and dad’ investors in Tasmania.

We bought a dual occupancy house in Ipswich in 2014 through Graeme’s agency and could not be happier with his service.

He responded promptly both by phone and email to our queries, got the paperwork sorted out for us, and even liaised with our bank agent to work out the costs and payment plan.

Then as the house neared completion he helped us find a good agent to manage the property, which we couldn’t be happier with.

– Robert and Helena (Tasmania)

Graeme Shiels assisted us in 2014 in a property purchase.

I can unreservedly say that at all times during the purchase process, Graeme provided us with maximum support – including whilst the property was being constructed.

Graeme had significant knowledge of the market, and assisted at all times in liaison with the land developer, builder and solicitor.

He also provided valuable progress updates throughout the purchase and construction processes, including photos.

He most certainly has a high degree of professionalism and customer service that in these days is often sadly lacking in others.

Even now, after the property was completed some 6+ months ago, Graeme has continued to provide advice and assistance when asked.

I can unreservedly recommend Graeme to any prospective client.A/Professor Glynn Kelly (Brisbane).

– A/Professor Glynn Kelly (Brisbane)

I would like to express my greatest thank you to you for reliable and responsive customer service to my friend Araceli and me.

You picked us up from Brisbane airport and took us directly to the property and have provided us all essential information of the dual living house and this has enabled Araceli to finalise her decision on her land & house package purchase.

Thank you so much for your exceptional and outstanding customer service.

– Maria Cheng (Phuong) (Bankstown NSW)

I was looking for a cash flow positive property in Australia and Graeme’s emails caught my attention.

Throughout the entire process from initial chat till property being built and rented, Graeme was extremely professional. He had excellent knowledge of the local market and access to an ideal selection of cash flow positive properties.

Graeme was very patient in explaining the entire process, dealing with me on an individual basis, listening to my requirements, and updating me on a regular basis.

Even though I didn’t ever meet Graeme in person until after property was rented, he is a very trustworthy individual and professional in all matters.

He knows the complete process end to end, very accessible, has access to all professionals (solicitor, financier/broker and Property agent, etc.) in the local market.

I can recommend Graeme with confidence to anyone who is interested in property investment.

– Vikas (Sydney)

Overall, I’ll say that what really made me invest in a foreign place is you!

You have been a total professional from the get-go and come across as a sincere, dedicated, experienced property investor and salesperson.

Had it been someone else instead of you, I’d probably have had more reservations.

– Vince (Hong Kong)

Graeme Shiels helped me buy a pair of duplexes in Brassall, QLD in Jan 2013.

In contrast to some other property marketers I have dealt with, Graeme always did what he said he was going to do during and after the sales process, which is the thing about him I appreciated the most.

He got back to me with answers when he said he would, and he assisted me in finding a lender when my own was giving me problems and I did in fact end up using his suggested lender.

Essentially, his high level of service made the sales process smooth. I would recommend him to anyone considering a good cashflow property in Queensland.

– Tony (Perth WA)

Graeme Shiels of Property Queensland assisted me to find a good investment solution when I was looking to expand my property portfolio.

I was looking for property in a growth area where value appreciation would be maximised as well as a rental management solution that would result in reliable return on the investment.

Graeme delivered a package which has achieved all of my aims with the added benefit of having acquired a brand new property which I expect will avoid the unpredictable maintenance expenses of older properties.

– Mrs Tim Knowles (Brisbane)

I have been looking for property investment with unique features for higher returns when I came across Graeme Shiels of Property Queensland at the Property Expo in Sydney in 2014.

Graeme showed me the house and land dual income properties that he was marketing in Queensland.

It has been a real pleasure buying the property I selected through Graeme as he has been patient, providing as much information as possible and ensuring that I made the right decision for my needs.

He made time for me, at short notice, to meet him and show me potential properties to meet my criteria when I was in Queensland. Since that time the land contract has settled and Graeme has ensured that his after sales service continues.

He is always quick to provide clear information when a question is asked of him. Should he not have the answer, he will research the matter and provide a clear answer to my satisfaction at the earliest opportunity.

I have strong faith and confidence in Graeme’s ability to provide a great service. Graeme is one of the few property agents I have met who ensures that the client is satisfied not only before a sale but long after the sale is concluded.

– Edmund Gomes (Canberra)

We bought a land and building package in Queensland through Graeme. We did not know what to expect, as we did not know, meet, or speak with him before.

Upon meeting him however, we immediately knew that Graeme was an experienced and dedicated agent. He provided us with a thorough understanding of the area, location, property type as well as the builder. He showed us around different areas with different property types and he explained candidly and openly about the positive and negative aspects of the property and area.

Being from Sydney, this information and knowledge made us feel very comfortable in forming our decision.

Graeme proved to be easy-going, to-the-point and flexible. He was easily accessible, email and phone, and he did not hesitate to go the extra miles to help us deal with issues. We’ve been constantly kept updated with progress, development or issues related to our property and his pro-activeness was really helpful living far away from Queensland.

We really enjoyed dealing with Graeme and his professionalism made the whole deal, from getting-to-know the area, choosing the right property, dealing with financial arrangement to construction activity, less stressful for us.

– Indy and Susanti (Epping NSW)

We bought our first property from Graeme in 2012.

Graeme was extremely knowledgeable and provided factual information on the market and in the locations, helping us to make an informed decision.

Throughout the purchasing process, Graeme was always available to answer our calls and help liaise with third parties on our behalf.

Even after the completion of the property, Graeme assisted by putting us in touch with some useful contacts in the area of our property.

I would highly recommend Graeme for his professional, personal approach and his willingness to go the extra mile for his clients.

– David Cross (Sutherland NSW)

I was searching the internet and came across Property Queensland Website a few years ago.

Emails were sent regularly showing properties for sale with and without NRAS. Occasionally I would reply back about a property and Graeme would send a detailed report email about the property.

After looking at these for some time I decided to investigate one further.

We drove from Newcastle to Ipswich to meet with Graeme to discuss the property and look around the area. During this time we were showed around Ipswich and found that Graeme was very knowledgeable on the area and properties for sale.

Graeme arranged with the bank manager to meet with us in regards to the finance as we were looking at using a different bank to our normal bank.

Graeme also advised a Qld solicitor to use for the land transaction.

We decided to purchase one and then I showed my daughter another one and she and my son in law bought it too.

Whenever I emailed Graeme late at night, he would either phone me back within a few minutes or email me if it was more than 15 minutes since the email, in case I had gone to bed.

Settlement for our purchases took place, plans were lodged with council, and we had handover in September 2014.

Neil and I would have no hesitation in recommending Graeme to help anyone in the purchase of their
property. When we are ready for another property, we will buy it through Graeme.

– Neil and Suzanne Harvey (Newcastle NSW)

Graeme is a great person who assisted us through the building process.

He provided great support to us and always tried his best to provide support wherever possible.

With his help we were able to achieve the best possible result.

Graeme is a very reliable person and I trust him. I believe he takes good care of all the matters regarding our construction.

– Megan (Baulkham Hills NSW)

My dealings with Graeme Shiels essentially goes back over 12 months since first contacting him.

Our strategy was to purchase an investment property and to take advantage of the potential capital growth that Brisbane had yet to acquire.

My own financial advisor, initially pinpointed a 1 bedroom unit within the inner circle of the Brisbane CBD, but after completing my own due diligence we decided that this was not what our portfolio required.

To be honest purchasing Dual Income Property was not a strategy that we were looking at, until I came across Graeme Shiels from Property Queensland.

We initially spent a number of months before we decided to proceed with our purchase.

During this period, we corresponded via email and phone and Graeme supplied us with all the data that was required to complete our due diligence.

Even when we were swaying to the recommendation of our Financial Advisor, Graeme went out of his way to supply us more data to ensure that the decision that we were making was the correct one based on all the information.

He even drove Leigh around some of the inner-city suburbs so that she could see the impending oversupply of units.

As a property investor I cannot speak more highly of Graeme Shiels. His professionalism, local knowledge, experience and customer relationship is of a very high standard.

And his ability to supply all the facts and figures in order to make the decision to purchase a property as easy as possible was excellent.

Overall we are very pleased to have Graeme Shiels of Property Queensland as part of our investment team.

– Steven and Leigh Graham (Central Coast NSW)

I really appreciated Graeme’s approach and style.

Graeme offered various higher than average yielding properties.

He listened carefully to my requirements around Loan to Valuation Ratios and went to the effort of working through various options for the building style and costs to ensure the lending arrangement would suit me.

Even while I only took up one offer and abandoned the second after a significant effort on his part, he remained courteous and helpful.

He explained the build and settling processes well and reminded me professionally if I missed any actions.

– Mark (Perth WA)

Graeme, I am very lucky to know you and very satisfied with your assistance on my purchase in buying a property in Queensland.

My questions on the properly were answered very satisfactorily, so the answers and the assistance that I got was great and I appreciate it everything you have done for me very much.

Thanks a lot.

– Araceli (Bankstown NSW)

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