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Property is one of the least volatile investment options, and when you play your cards right, it is possible to get good returns on your outlays even in the short term. But making the best decisions—and achieving the most profitable outcomes—can be difficult for anyone without real estate expertise, and this is especially true for first-time investors.

While property investment is a relatively safe bet, particularly in Brisbane and South East Queensland, there is still a possibility of making mistakes that will cost you money or prevent you from making more of it.

It’s a wise decision to consult a professional with experience in the property investment market—and if you have never considered it before, there are a few good reasons to rely on an expert who will know which options are best for your investment needs and budget.


Insider knowledge

If you are not an experienced property investor, it will be difficult for you to identify the properties that have potential for capital growth as well as producing positive cashflow and presenting a sound and lucrative investment opportunity.

For professional property consultants, such as Property Queensland, residential investment property is their business and their expertise. It’s their job to keep on top of the market trends and to thoroughly absorb themselves in property and economic research.

It takes a good deal of training and a lot of years of experience to develop a keen eye for properties with hidden potential. Professional consultants have the experience to move in quickly and lock down properties with good value or potential, and can often use their insider knowledge to secure the property before it’s even been advertised.


Less homework and stress

Professional consultants can also use their business acumen and their industry connections to take the stress out of property investment.

This can entail anything from finding the right property to invest in, to coordinating your purchase by connecting you to the third party professionals you need—including builders, solicitors, finance brokers, property managers and accountants—so you’re not trying to juggle too many balls at the same time.

There is also a lot of research you will need to do when you’re trying to build or expand a property portfolio.

To maximise your chances of profiting from your investment, you need to select properties based on both their past and potential performance against the many fluctuations and influences in the market – a trained property professional will find and process this information a lot faster and more accurately than an investor, so it is always worth seeking help when there’s a lot at stake.

Less time Property is a valuable asset, and having chosen the right one, it generally performs very well. But getting your hands on the property that’s exactly right for you and your financial circumstances takes a considerable amount of time and research.

If you are new to property investment, or the Queensland market, you need to be prepared to spend a lot of your free time to do the research and speaking to people and collecting information.

If you’ve invested before, you’ll already know how much effort and work it takes to get it right—or you’ll know what happens when you don’t.

By contacting a property consultant like Property Queensland, you would reap the benefits of increasing the likelihood of finding a high-performing property for your portfolio, as well as saving yourself valuable hours and work.


Better objectivity

Some of the most fatal mistakes made by investors stem from a decision-making that is based on emotion. Buying a residential investment property is a dangerous endeavour where feelings are involved.

And when buyers aren’t objective enough, they don’t see beyond their initial attraction to a poor investment choice and the poor future performance hiding underneath. Involving a property expert to help you with your investment can prevent you from making rash or misinformed decisions.

But because buying an investment should be an exciting time, it should also allow you to enjoy the excitement during the process, with the confidence of knowing that your specific needs and long-term goals are being met.

A professional consultant will only present to you the investment opportunities that match your requirements, so you never have to worry about being led into temptation in buying a property that would not produce the best return on your investment.



Experience plays a very important role when you’re trying to tap popular markets, or where other investors have already caught wind of markets that are on the move.

To invest in the areas where you’re virtually guaranteed to get a positive cashflow, you will either need to pay through the nose to get in—or have a property investment specialist by your side who can use their skills to do the heavy lifting and navigate you through the obstacles to your dream property.


Affordable assistance

Most investors cringe when they think about buyers’ agents fees should they use them if they want to get the best investment. Property Queensland charges it fees to the developers.

But it is also in their best interests to secure high-performing properties that give you the opportunity for positive gearing, because the easier it is for you to build your portfolio, the more chances they have to bring in more business, as well as to get their clients’ satisfaction which could lead to referrals from client’s family and friends in the future.

Dual living properties present one of the best opportunities to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes in property investment.

If you’re interested in the positive cash flow potential of dual living properties, Property Queensland will be happy to find you the best investment opportunity for your circumstances from their wide range of prime properties.


Contact us anytime to see how we can help you find your best dual living investment for future capital growth and positive cashflow.


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